What you can do to prevent CÚsar Fierro's unjust execution:

    1. Stay tuned

If Texas authorities decide to seek a new execution date in the Fierro case, this page will be updated immediately.  It will then contain detailed suggestions on how concerned people everywhere can take effective action to oppose his execution.  Please return regularly for the latest developments.

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    2.  Spread the word

Knowledge is power: the more people who know about this shocking case, the greater its significance for the authorities who will make the eventual life-or-death decision.  Please tell your friends and contacts about CÚsar's case and urge them to visit this site.

    3. Learn more about the issues

While extraordinary and compelling, the issues raised in the Fierro case are not unique. There are several excellent Internet sites where you can explore the larger context:

The Innocence Project  is a nation-wide program dedicated to researching and addressing wrongful convictions that can be corrected through DNA testing. Their site includes many stories of innocent people who were sentenced to death and later exonerated.

The Death Penalty Information Center  is a great source for accurate and detailed information on virtually every aspect of the death penalty in the USA.  Their Foreign Nationals page includes statistical data and background material on the 120 foreign citizens on death row.

Human Rights Research  is the world's only research organization specializing in consular rights, foreign nationals and the death penalty. Their site provides detailed information about consular rights and its significance for foreigners facing the ultimate in cruel and degrading punishments.

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